Difference Between Sunroof And Moon roof

Out of several amenities you wish to have in your car, very few seem as cool as little opening in your roof of your high-class new car. Generally known as sunroof, it is meant to do just as the name suggests – lets the sun in. If you go by logic, the moon roof has got the opening in the car during the night-time out on the streets at night. Is this really like this? Well, you aren’t far away from the truth so let’s find it out.

sunroof installation how to sunroof repair servicesSunroof was designed by the Dutch Company, and moon roof is relatively a new term which was introduced by the Ford Motor Company in the year 1979.  By the term, Sunroof is vent or slide opening appeared to be on the roof of the car. It is usually right above the front passenger seat. The sunroofs can be automatic or manual can be kept open to let in air and light in the car. There are many types of sunroofs available which can be easily installed depending on your car type.



Technically speaking, there is only one major difference between a sunroof and moon roof is that a sunroof is a roof of the car with the metal panel that slides or tilts upward in the air, and moon roof is the stationary glass sunroof – like the window on your car roof.

The mechanism involved in installing the moon roof and sunroof forms another difference. The car driver has an option to open the sunroof either automatically or manually to let the fresh air and light in the car. In the case of the moon roof, they are static – they cannot be opened and therefore, there is no opportunity for the fresh air and light to enter in the car. Only the fabric covered panel of the moon roof can be slid back and forth through mechanical controls. The exterior glass portion cannot be opened; thereby it restricts the road noise and wind to enter.

Another difference of the sunroof is the panoramic sunroof. It is the huge sliding roof that spans the entire roof length of the car. Instead of a small rectangular area, complete roof can be slid back giving you the magnificent view of the environment. This facility is not provided with moon roof cars. With the fixed glass panel there is a limitation of the air and light to enter, let alone enjoying the outer view.


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